The company ManaSoft

ManaTime, ManaSoft, ManaCost?

Good note first of all! ManaTime is a software belonging to the ManaSoft suite. In the same way as ManaCost and ManaCount.

The ManaSoft suite takes its name from you, the users. These tools improve the management and management of your teams. They are software for management: ManaSoft!


The history and success of a company rests on its team. Surrounding ourselves with the most competent people in the most important positions enables us every day to improve the ManaSoft tools by making them faster, more secure and easier to use.

More than two years after its formation, the ManaSoft team has now sharpened its strengths (development / SAV) and worked on these weak points (design / ergonomics).

We are 14 now working for ManaSoft.

Our goals

Offer companies, especially small and medium-sized businesses, a suite of tools to manage their business on a daily basis without the need for paper documents or spreadsheets.

We invest a lot of our time and rely on you to give us your opinion on the features you would like to see (or no longer see!).