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ManaCost is a fully-fledged solution that allows you to manage your expense reports in your company.
Simple and easy to access, your employees will submit their expense reports and managers will only have to validate or refuse their requests. In addition, our expense report solution is equipped with OCR technology. This way your employees will no longer need to enter expense reports. By scanning or taking a picture of the expense report our tool will automatically recognize the data.

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Save your resources

Save time by streamlining the processing of your expense reports and dematerializing your process. With this tool, you and your teams will optimize your working time. Our solution is available online (100% SaaS) and has no limited number of employees. Feel free to try our software. Our trial version has no time limit.

Aim for zero paper

ManaSoft aims to eliminate paper in the workplace by digitizing your HR and administrative processes. With ManaCost you avoid waste and protect the environment while improving the productivity of your company's employees.

Discover our software from expense note

Our consultants are at your service to give you a free demonstration of our expense reporting software. This will give you an overview of ManaCost's features.
Our team is also available to support you during the launch of the tool and on a daily basis for any questions.

Easy easy to use

ManaCost is one of the simplest tools on the market for filing and validating expense reports. Usable from a browser, this software is both powerful and ergonomic. It brings together all the essential functionalities to meet your needs. No training is required to get started with the tool, but if necessary, our consultants will answer all your questions.

Users unlimited

Whether it is for a very small business, an SME or a town hall, our expense management software can be adapted to all company sizes. In our premium packages, there are no restrictions on the number of employees. Our premium packages are based on your technical needs and not on the number of employees. You will be able to add or delete collaborator accounts at no extra cost

Turnkey solution

In order to make it easier for you to use the software, our teams set up the accounts for each customer. You benefit from a ready-to-use tool with your customized expense report types, functions, employees and organizational chart. If necessary, we can also assist your employees free of charge in the use of the software.

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Filing an expense report has never been easier

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The fields are completed using our OCR

A time saving

The advantages of ManaCost are many but the most important is the time saving for your employees and managers. On the one hand, the tool will dematerialize your expense claim processing processes and streamline their processing. On the other hand, it will avoid input errors thanks to our OCR (character recognition) and will give a better view on the status of expense reports and their follow-up.
The solution is also compatible with most accounting software. A simple Excel export will allow you to re-import all the data directly into the accounting entry.

A powerful and complete tool

Expense note recognition is an internal technology based on artificial intelligence. With a simple scanned document or photo price, it allows you to recognize all the data, namely the supplier, VAT, amount excluding VAT, amount including VAT and date. Our OCR has a recognition rate close to 90%. Our tool also has an expense analysis system to better optimize your expenses. You can also store online and search for an expense report by date, type, amount or employee at any time.

100% compatible iPhone, Android and tablets!

The ManaCost tool is available on the Internet (100% SaaS) and can be adapted to any medium, whether computers, tablets or Smartphones (Responsive Web Design). Our expense management software is also compatible with all browsers (Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

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Validation becomes a formality for your managers

Manager features:

Validation of expense reports:

  • With a careful design, the manager consults in one click all the expense reports currently being validated sent by the employees of his team
  • The manager can validate one or more expense reports at once
  • Once the expense report has been accepted or rejected, the employee is notified by email and the data is updated instantly.

Dashboard and monitoring:

  • Summary analysis of all expense reports by type and employee in value and percentage
  • Colored information for better visibility
  • Expenditure history with search filter
  • Expense statement processing status
  • Export to CSV file
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How it works for your employees

User features:

1. Filing of the expense report

  • Taking a picture with the smartphone or scanning the expense report
  • Automatic recognition of expense report data
  • Verification of recognized data (90% recognition rate)
  • Ability to comment on each expense report
  • Automatic sending to the manager
  • Multiple addition possible (up to 50 expense reports)

2. Dashboard

  • Observe the status of your expense reports instantly
  • Automatic real-time update

3. History of requests

  • Access to request history
  • Access to current requests

A software that adapts to your needs

HR or administrator featuresƒ:

1. Add your collaborators:

  • Easy and fast addition of one or more collaborators manually or via an Excel file
  • Correct your collaborators' data
  • Management of forgotten passwords

2. Automatic export to accounting

Each month you can export all expense report data to your accounting department. This export is done in CSV format and in accordance with your accounting software. (Compatible with more than 20 solutions).

3. Structure your services

Define your managers and teams to determine the "manager" and "collaborator" users.

4. define your users' functions

In your administrator account you will choose the functions for each employee.

5. Create your expense report types

Create as many types of expense reports as you wish. You will be able to define ceilings by type of user.

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