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Which module for teleworking?

At a time when digitalisation is playing an important and strategic role in all professional activities, the digital tool that is ManaTime is proving to be an ideal HR management solution for managers. Particularly when it comes to attendance and absence management, which remains a sensitive area to deal with (number of staff, management of each employee's schedule, clear view of the schedule across all employees...).

Moreover, ManaTime software provides its users with 5 essential tools to have a teleworking software that helps to manage human resources in the best possible way both in the office and remotely

What are the 5 modules for managing your teleworking employee

Modular, easy to access and effective, both on company premises and remotely, ManaTime teleworking software is available on several media (computer, tablet and smartphone). It saves you paperwork and time by digitising your HR processes with online software that features 5 essential modules for a teleworking organisation:

Leave & absence

A simple solution for online expense reports

Expense account

An essential tool for any company

Time tracking

Scheduling, virtual time clock, activities: a complete software package

Electronic payroll

Payroll filing and distribution in a matter of seconds

HR follow-up

HR alerts, indicators, directory: ideal for HR departments

Using ManaTime on a day-to-day basis means that any company can benefit from improved planning management for its teleworking staff, saving them time in managing their teams.​

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How Manatime is an asset for teleworking

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses to help them manage their staff schedules (team management) in real time, this teleworking software is an asset for your HRIS, thanks to :​

  • Its ease of use
  • Its trial version
  • Packages at no extra cost
  • Fast, high-quality online service
  • A hotline to help you
  • Features tailored to your needs

The current pandemic situation has led the vast majority of companies to turn to teleworking as a way of limiting the spread of the virus.

Digital tools have become indispensable in the management of a company. The use of ManaTime teleworking software enables a company's manager to manage a number of tasks that are essential to the remote management of a team, regardless of geographical location.​

So even if your whole team is teleworking, ManaTime makes it easy for you to carry out your managerial tasks, such as leave, absences and many other important tasks such as HR monitoring, electronic payroll, time tracking and expense reports.​​

ManaTime software is compatible with all types of devices, including android devices, tablets and computers. ManaTime, the digital tool that makes teleworking personnel management easy.

What are the advantages of our software?

Whether your employees work on the premises or at home (teleworking), using ManaTime software allows you to dematerialise the planning and management of holidays, among other things.

Employees can submit their holiday and absence requests to ManaTime from home, using any connected device (PC, mobile or tablet). On the one hand, they will be able to have a clear overview of their leave taken and to come, and on the other hand, the manager will be able to easily manage his team's schedule to better organise the work to be done.​

A practical tool for teleworking

ManaTime is available for iPhone, Android and all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones). You can use it anytime, anywhere and enjoy the benefits of cloud technology (100% SaaS). All you need to do is connect to the Internet to take advantage of all ManaTime's features​

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