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Relevant indicators

« If you can't measure it, you can't improve it. »
This famous quote from Peter Drucker perfectly illustrates the value of efficient and relevant indicators.

ManaTime therefore offers you several simple and effective indicators which allow you to follow the evolution of your organization at any time.

Staffing analyses

One of the first indicators useful to any company (or organization) is the total workforce. Thanks to this, you can monitor arrivals (hiring, beginning of contract, internship) and departures (end of contract, dismissal) on a monthly basis. In this way you anticipate the high and low periods of your activity and anticipate the most important workloads. In the next version, which will be available soon, you will also have access to filters that will allow you to consult the evolution of the workforce over several years or for your company's services (sales, production, research, finance, etc.). You will also see the upcoming departures to anticipate the recruitments to be initiated if necessary; and conversely the future arrivals to anticipate the actions to be carried out.

Know the absenteeism rate

Another indicator will provide you with crucial information on the functioning of your organisation, but above all on dysfunctions! It is important to know the reasons for absenteeism, it is even better to be able to correct it simply. Thanks to this indicator, you can consult the following cases of absence on a sixty-day history:

Anticipate and correct

The objective is to reveal trends that correct potential problems.
For example, we notice that people working in department X often have sick leave for back problems. Adapted equipment could correct the problem and improve the company's productivity. Another example: an employee regularly takes leave without pay, which will not be paid. Perhaps the employment contract that had been offered to him is no longer adapted to his current situation.

Revocation in your company

Reflow-through means job rotation. It indicates the rate of staff turnover in the organization. This indicator is therefore strongly correlated with that of the workforce. It is a rate that indicates the rate at which people arrive and leave your organization. For the stability of a group it is important that this rate remains the lowest and most controlled. Employees will be more reassured in general; because arrivals, but especially departures, always lead to questions. In case of a special strategy implemented, such as a recruitment or dismissal plan, it will be much higher.

All this information is available to help you in your daily decision-making. It is then up to you alone to manage the HR strategy, supported by the right indicators.

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Manage your HR alerts

Better organized with scheduled alerts

It is difficult to remember all the actions to be planned in an employee's professional life. Fortunately ManaTime helps you to organize yourself with the HR Alerts.

What is particularly interesting with alerts is that you control the events and deadlines that happen for all employees!
You have the possibility to schedule alerts to be notified one day, three days and a week in advance in order to better organize yourself. In this way you will receive an email at the beginning of the day reminding you of the actions to be taken.
Remembering the pre-employment medical check-up is mandatory, but remembering an employee's important events is also important: congratulating them on the birth of a child, a recent marriage or the purchase of a property shows them how important they are to your organization. These alerts are there for these reasons.

Creating with simplicity

You create your alerts for the person(s) concerned and then choose from a list including the different cases encountered in the company: end of the trial period, medical examination, annual interview, promotion, renewal of a residence permit, etc.
Each event can be associated with a text document or a comment, very useful to keep a record of annual interviews for example. You have the freedom to create as many as you want, there is no limit of this type in ManaTime.

Monitor the evolution of your collaborators

All these alerts represent for you the employee's evolution in your organization. From arrival to departure, including annual interviews, training, promotions, births and marriages, etc. All these alerts are presented as an evolution process. This allows you simplified visibility to ensure that a person's career evolves as planned.

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An internal directory for your company

Day data

Maintaining the employee file is a mandatory and difficult task in a company. It is important to ensure that the data is correct, well saved and accessible to several people.
A shared file does not meet all these requirements, which is why ManaTime offers you a feature that offers a directory adapted to human resources management.

One of the objectives of our HR tool

The objective is to be able to gather all the information that will be necessary during the employee's professional life cycle. The information is grouped into two categories:

  • Professional which includes the service to which the user belongs, his direct telephone number, his manager (N1 and N1) and his employment contract.
  • Personal: social security number, personal details, birth-related information (place, date, nationality (s)), children, etc.

Many levels of access to information

Some of this information is available for all employees in a global directory. This allows you to improve communication and exchange in society without any further action on your part. Only information that is not sensitive or personal is visible: the department in which the person works, his direct line and his professional contact details are visible. In this way, your employees are perfectly positioned in the organizational chart. They can contact their N+2 manager (their manager's manager) if a case of force majeure requires it. And they understand their position and importance in the structure. In addition, who has never looked up a colleague's email address or checked the spelling of a family name.

From the HR manager to the employee, these directory files provide you and your users with daily comfort.

Software for electronic document management (EDM)

Quality HR monitoring cannot be complete without DMS (Electronic Document Management). When an employee brings you the documents upon arrival (identity card, diplomas and certifications, RIB, family record book, etc.) you have the possibility to scan them to be sure that you never lose them.

ManaTime is RGPD compliant

An adaptable solution

Complying with the new European standards RGPD (General Data Protection Regulations), ManaTime offers you this practical and efficient solution so that you no longer have to search your archives for the documents received.
In a totally confidential space, these documents are only accessible by authorized persons in your organization.
The employee himself will only be able to consult his documents if you give him permission.
The data backed up on ManaTime are declared to the CNIL and our data storage processes fully comply with the RGPD standards.

Simple and effective

Get an overview

This feature allows you to quickly access any of an employee's documents, while permanently archiving documents received in paper format. The streamlined interface allows you to do a variety of searches:

  • Per employee, you select one or more of them and all the documents concerning them are displayed
  • Idem for document types, you can choose for example all identity cards to be sure that all employees have given this document
  • Several other fields are available for the filter and these filters can of course be combined to perform more precise searches.

Secure software

One of our strong points: safety

Over a year, the hosted information has a sustainability of 99.999999999% (nine decimal places)! This means that on average annually a loss of 0.00000000001% of the documents stored on ManaTime is possible.
Let's take a more concrete example, by storing 1,000 documents of all kinds on ManaTime, you could lose a document on average every 100,000,000,000 years (yes, 100 million years).

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