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An easy-to-use payroll solution

Today, more than ever, the dematerialisation of many services is becoming obvious. It's an important and compulsory step for any company wishing to maintain its growth. Obviously, some services and activities are easier to evolve than others. However, there are still many companies that have not yet taken the digitalization step.

With a comprehensive suite targeting the specific needs of HR, ManaTime offers you solutions tailored to your new requirements, including the production and distribution of payslips. Our primary objective is to help you save time. By taking time-consuming tasks off your plate with our modules, you free up time that can be reassigned to tasks that really require your expertise and time.

Publishing and dematerialising payslips, how does it work?

ManaTime offers you a simple and effective solution for creating and distributing your payslips. Our solution can be quickly implemented with the software and processes you already have in place.

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Why choose Manatime and its payslip software?

The Postmantime

From the design stage of our suite of services, the essential idea behind our approach was to save businesses time. Our payroll software is the perfect example of achieving this mission. ​

This feature enables HR, accountants and administrative departments to save a considerable amount of time when it comes to cutting out pay slips. The software takes care of creating and distributing pay slips to employees.

The economyof your resources.

In addition to the time allocated to this task, you obviously benefit from saving resources. You avoid having to print pay slips, possibly send them by post, or even have your employees travel to collect them. ​

Pay slips are available directly online with no time limit, for each employee on their ManaTime account.​

Targetzero paper.

The domino effect of this ease of access to electronic pay slips also makes it easier for you to achieve your paperless objective.

If your mission is to make your business or company more environmentally friendly, know that our suite of software actively contributes to leading you towards this objective.​

Storageintelligent and connected.

Faced with the bulk of paper as a storage medium, we offer you the accessibility of it. With the payroll module you have access to your data at all times, as long as you are connected to the internet. ​

Our solution is available across all devices (iOS, Android and Computers). ​​

100% compatible with iPhone, Android and tablets!

Anywhere, anytime, taking advantage of the cloud (100% SaaS)

Compatible devices

They trust us

Our customers testify. More than 1,500 companies entrust us with the dematerialisation of their day-to-day HR processes.

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Manatime: looking beyond electronic payslips

This HR software, ManaTime doesn't stop at digitising payslips. With the primary aim of simplifying as many HR tasks as possible, we have also thought of a number of useful features for both HR and employees.

Leave & absences

We have also set up a space for managing your employees' schedules. Requests for leave (paid leave, sick leave or RTT) are handled by this same schedule, for both employees and managers.

You can create several schedules for different teams. This option gives you a clearer view of the workforce available for each day of the current period.

Tracking working time

Manatime also enables you to manage your projects more effectively thanks to tools that give you better visibility of the time required for each task and, by extension, each project.

You'll be able to identify the problems faced by your employees more easily and optimise tasks and staffing levels by playing to each employee's strengths.

Expense notes

The software can also handle your employees' expense claims. ​

We have set up a space where your employees can submit their receipts. All that's left for managers to do is validate the requests.​

Other modules to make your day-to-day life easier

With ManaTime, we offer you a reliable solution that not only saves you time on time-consuming tasks, but also gives you better visibility and management of your workforce. ​

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