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Automatic payroll breakdown and distribution

Our objective

Our objective with ManaTime is to make you saving time so that you can focus on tasks that create value for your company.
Here is the problem that several of our users have reported to us. Human resources managers must regularly manually cut PDF files (pay slips) and then send them one by one to the company's employees. It's time-consuming and redundant, but it's mandatory. Good news, ManaTime can do it for you!

Validation des bulletins de paie

  • Save your resources
  • Aim for paperless
  • Automate for your processes
  • Digitize your pay slips
  • Save time

Support you in the digitalization of your processes

We do not want to do your work, because it is impossible for a machine. Your expertise in choosing the right solution in particular and sensitive human resources situations cannot be delegated to machines. However, we can help you in your daily life thanks to efficient tools adapted to the situations!

How our solution works

The automation of the classification of pay slips allows you to outsource a tedious task while improving the quality of your work. Here is how it works:

Filing your documents

  • Rather than focusing on cutting, you simply send your pay slips in PDF format or images on our software. This is often the longest time, because depending on the number of documents, their size and the speed of your Internet connection, loading on the Internet may take longer

Processing your pay slips

  • Once the documents have been received, in a few seconds the ManaTime Artificial Intelligence at your service will extract all the information you will need: surname and first name, salary amount and the period concerned.

1-click validation

  • This result will be presented to you in the form of a simple table that you can easily validate without having to open the documents one by one.
  • When a pay slip is validated, the person concerned can consult it without having to contact you. He is directly present on his ManaTime professional account.

Avoid errors

This system avoids errors that could be made by the payroll manager through effective double checking. And where you need to plan a slot, in ten minutes you can easily process a hundred pay slips.

Managing your payroll has never been easier with ManaTime

A single action: drop your file.
Our OCR takes care of cutting and distributing each payroll.

Unlimited access time

Unlimited access time for your users

Saving time for your employees

These features offered by ManaTime allow you to create a stronger link with your collaborators, but above all a unified and fluid communication process.
Rather than sending the bulletins by email or by post, the employees of your organization are totally autonomous. They have their own secure account with their email address and password.
If they are unable to connect, they can ask us (us!) for a new password, without asking you.

Bulletins available without time limit

Directly on their account they will find all their pay slips. They will be able to consult them without limit:
Wherever they are, ManaTime remains accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
All devices connecting to the Internet are compatible with ManaTime. We have developed a stable software that is adaptable to the situations of all users.

Your employees take possession of their autonomy and become more independent for basic actions. Save you valuable time, for example, when dealing with complex cases or answering more specific questions.

Our other tools

And that's not all! This access gives your employees the possibility to file their absence (paid leave, RTT, illness, etc.), consult their holiday balance, the team's schedule to organise the next holidays with a minimum attendance and be reimbursed expense reports by attaching the attachment.
ManaTime offers you a range of possibilities with modules that can be activated or not depending on your internal functioning. The key element is that together we empower your employees by giving you time to work on the most important actions for your company or organization.

100% iPhone, Android and tablet compatible!

Automatic payroll distribution
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The dematerialization of your pay slips

Storage of your data

Storing paper documents is expensive and impractical for research. It takes space and time to find the right document. Over several years of archiving, it is even necessary to access another room where the oldest scrolls of your structures will be located. ManaTime's dematerialization allows you to access all your teams' pay slips in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, powerful filters allow you to find that certain specific data all the pay slips of a person or to sort the highest salaries of your company.

The only thing you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet that can access the Internet. From there you will have access to a secure area with all your company's data.

The security of our software

The data we host has a durability of 99.99999999999% (nine decimal places) in a given year! Conversely, this corresponds on average to an annual loss of 0.00000000001% of the documents stored on ManaTime.
Applying these figures to a concrete example, this means that if you store 10,000 pay slips on ManaTime, you can expect to lose an document every 10,000,000,000 years (yes ten million years).

Fonctionnalités recherche

Discover our artificial intelligence

Innovation with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at ManaSoft is not a trendy word. This is an intern project who started in 2015 to help you in your difficult daily work as a Human Resources Manager. A team of researchers specialized in Data Science has been recruited in France (in the Paris region) and is working on this task!
The result of these years of work is now available to you in a complete solution that extracts the relevant information from all the pay slips of the employees of your company:

How our tool works

Our system works for all types of pay slips, including the new 2018 pay slip formats (Labour Code: articles L3243-1 to L3243-5), those in a foreign language and even those that would be added for the first time on ManaTime! Indeed, our AI is based on self-learning algorithms, capable of understanding a document it encounters for the first time. You don't have to ask yourself any questions, just deposit your employees' pay slips on ManaTime and Artificial Intelligence takes care of the rest. Our calculation servers are powerful and can process a huge amount of information faster than any human being. For example, it only takes about ten seconds to process more than a thousand pay slips !

Continuously improve

Our team is always focused on this project and works continuously to bring better rates. Currently 94.1% of the French pay slips sent on ManaTime are correctly recognized (all fields found are correct)!
Our objective is to improve certain weaknesses encountered with pay slips written in a language other than French and those of poor quality (poor quality scanner). This work never stops, because there are always new cases to take into account, with the legislation evolving in each country of the world where ManaTime users are located.

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