HRIS: the Human Resources Information System

The HRIS proposed by ManaTime was thought directly by the Human Resources Managers!
Concerned about real-time tracking and quick access to information, we offer HRIS to any organization that wants to end the tedious search for information.

Your Indicators

To help you fully understand your organization's Human Resources, relevant metrics are also included in ManaTime's HRIS.

The purpose of these indicators is to give you access to decision-making information very quickly:

  • Workforce: number of entries and number of exits per month.
  • Absenteeism: This indicator allows you to see which services or users are the least constant. At a glance, you see if a service or type of function is prone to malfunctions. Once the alert is sent back to you, you can take action!
  • Turnover: Entry rate and exit rate over the last period.

Automatic entry of pay slips

Developed for several months and trained every week, our algorithms learn and perform even more each day!

Transmission of payslips

You simply drop your PDF files containing your company's payroll.
Whatever the date, amount or user, our algorithms take care of the rest!

Automatic processing by our proprietary algorithms

This is the heart of this feature! Once the PDF file is received, in 10 seconds only ManaTime will:

  • 1. Cut the PDF file into as many payslips as it contains. The payroll may be on one or more pages, this is not a problem!
  • 2. Read the information: the first and last name, the dates of the period and the NET amount.

Confirmation before sending

The quickest step: a summary is displayed and in one click you validate the work. Each user will be able to consult without limit his payslip on ManaTime.

This feature does not generate additional cost in case of a large number of payslips sent.

HR Alerts

How to remember the next important dates for all the collaborators in your organization?
With ManaTime it is directly an integrated system that is proposed to you! It is no longer necessary to have a record of key dates, annual interviews summaries or other.
All you need to do is follow the chronological events to get a complete overview of everything that has marked the employee in your company.

Presented in the form of a chronological frieze, you directly see the events on the approach.
It's hard to remember every step of an employee in your business.Events from ManaTime are here for that!
If you have to present the history of a person to a colleague, very quickly it becomes aware of everything that has gone through this person.

HR Alerts allow you to be notified by email a few days before a future employee event:

  • Annual Interview,
  • Medical visit,
  • Renewal of a residence permit,
  • Wedding
  • Etc.

Grouped in the same place, all these events will allow you to be more efficient in the daily management of HR.

The real-time directory of your company

Simple and complete, it allows you to centralize all the data of your employees in one place:

  • Professional: contract, function, manager (L+1, L+2), direct phone line, place of work, etc.
  • Personal: address, children, social security number, nationalities, etc.

To ensure privacy, this information is available only to your organization's Human Resources Manager.
Only some information is available for the entire organization:

  • Names and first names,
  • The function,
  • And the service and the workplace.

Your users can simply contact a colleague.

Finally, by freely presenting the service to which a person belongs, the collective understanding is strengthened:

  • All employees in your company will know where they are in your organization.
  • They will understand the role of each.