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5 essential tools for your HRIS

Leave & absences

An essential tool for any company

Expense report

A simple solution for online expense reports

Time tracking

Planning, virtual badge reader, activities: a complete software

Dematerialized Payroll

Filing and distribution of payrolls in seconds

HR follow-up

HR alert, indicators, directory: ideal for HR

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An easy to use tool

Individual, department or whole company planning

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I file my absences

Unlimited access time

A counter for each employee

I view my leave balance, my consumption, etc.

Unlimited access time
Unlimited access time

I access my absence history

Advanced statistics

In each ManaTime module (Leave & Absences, Expense Report, Time Tracking, Electronic Payroll and HR Tracking) you benefit from detailed statistics to optimize productivity and decision-making in your company. These figures will give you a better view of your company and make your actions more reliable.

Importing your data

To take full advantage of our tool, configuration is very simple. You can import the data of all your employees (Name, first name, personnel number, email, telephone, leave balances, types of leaves...) via a file. We can also configure the entire solution for you.

Exporting your data

In all ManaTime modules you can export your company or department data. Our software is compatible with several payroll software (Sage, Cegid, ciel, EBP and many others). You export in the right format and you will be able to automate the creation of your pay slips.

Leave & absence management: an essential tool

ManaTime is the ideal and essential solution for managing your leave and absence. You can among other things:

  • Manage leave and absence requests online
  • Determine the validation system
  • Create all your types of leave
  • Define your rules for calculating leave and absence
  • Access your teams' attendance schedule
  • Export data to payroll

Your employees will also benefit from our functionalities in:

  • Filing leave and absence online
  • Accessing personal leave balances
  • Viewing the team's schedule
    ManaTime adapts to your particular cases and here are some examples:
  • Leave in possible hours
  • Work stoppage
  • Updating balances

Leaves demonstrationMore information on leaves

Simplify the management of your expense reports

Our expense management tool will allow you to fully dematerialize the management of your expense reports and simplify their processing.

On your mobile or PC, you or your employees can submit expense reports in one click. In a few seconds our solution recognizes the characters of your document. The manager is alerted to this request. It validates or rejects the expense report submitted. The employee can therefore monitor the reimbursement of these expenses online.

All types of expense reports are accepted (transport, hotel, allowances, etc.). You can also manage multi-currencies, automatically calculate recoverable VAT or export to your accounting software without re-entering.

By using ManaTime expense report you will benefit from detailed personalized reports by employee, by nature, by project, etc.

Expense report demonstrationLearn more about expense reports

note de frais smartphone

A complete solution for time management

Time management at ManaTime is composed of several modules

Overtime: In the declarative form, the employee makes these requests online. These are received and processed by the manager.

The declaration of activities: You or your employees associate their activities with a time. This association allows you to measure the profitability of a project and the time spent per employee.

Time Tracking or more simply your dematerialized badge reader. Your employees start their day with a "I start/end my day" button and end their day with the same button. Each declaration is geolocated via its IP address.

Other features are available in our "time management" package. You will also benefit from a planning in the form of a Gantt or data export for payroll.

Time management demonstrationLearn more about time management

Alerts, monitoring, indicators, etc.: discover our HR Monitoring

As with time management, our HR Tracking software is composed of several modules:

HR alerts: For each employee you plan deadlines and events. You can set up reminders for medical visits, the end of a trial period, the end of a fixed-term contract or simply the birthday of an employee.

Your internal directory: Find all the necessary information about your employees (telephone number, email, manager or employment contract).

UHR-friendly EDM: Assign your documents to each employee easily (ID card, ID card, diplomas, family booklet, etc.).

Very precise indicators: Analysis of the workforce, absenteeism rates, turnover... You will have access to relevant indicators.

Demonstration HR MonitoringInformation on our HR monitoring

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Dematerialize your pay slips in a few clicks

Thanks to our OCR technology, you can deposit your pay slips and our algorithm cuts them and distributes them in less than a minute.

The purpose of our payroll management module is to save you time in this repetitive task and allow you to focus on value-creating tasks.

By using our dematerialization module you avoid errors thanks to our double verification and you can distribute hundreds of pay slips in a few seconds.

And that's not all! Your employees will be able to consult their pay without time limits and even in the event of absence from the workplace.

Demo of dematerialized payrollDematerialization of payrolls

100% compatible iPhone, Android et tablets!

ManaTime is available on iPhone, Android and all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones). You can use it anytime and anywhere and enjoy the benefits of the cloud (100% SaaS). You just need an internet connection to enjoy all ManaTime.

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