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Description of our time & activities tool

To improve your company's performance, it's essential to keep track of your employees' time and activities. ManaTime makes this possible with its Time Tracking functionality!​

What does it involve?​

Each user can enter their activities and working hours on a daily basis, or even throughout the day, depending on how you operate internally.​

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How Time Tracking works​

1. Start / Stop: two simple buttons let you start the day (start) and stop it as soon as you leave (stop). Each time a user clicks, the time is recorded and they are geolocated using the GPS system in their smartphone or computer. If they don't have one, they will be geolocated using their IP address.

2. Declaration: Indication of start and end times: with this system, users choose their own start and end times. This can be useful if the user has no way of connecting to ManaTime.

A declaration simplified

In one case the user doesn't have to worry about checking the time, they simply click a button (start/stop)

In the other case, they can select the start and end times, giving them greater freedom.

All this data has been declared to the CNIL, and is fully compliant with the new European RGPD regulations.

A precise declaration .

Each time reported can be supplemented by a comment which can provide the manager with valuable information: « This assignment took longer than expected because of the X and Y actions which were essential and which the customer did not carry out when I arrived ».

This allows the team manager to adjust internal processes through direct feedback and improve productivity by tracking working time precisely.

A declaration geolocated

Location data allows you to ensure that users are where they need to be when reporting working time.

In the office, at a customer site, on the shop floor the information is recorded and it allows you to simply check that everyone is at their station using our time management software.

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Our customers testify. More than 1,500 companies entrust us with the dematerialisation of their day-to-day HR processes.

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Measuring the profitability of your business​

Opt for a time and activity management tool​

Time reporting is a very useful feature for the smooth running of your company (or organisation). Associating an activity with a time allows you to go much further!​​

What is an activity?

This is the core of your business, what you produce and carry out every day. In a company, an association or a town hall, we all have our own activities.

So on ManaTime you create activities that are then included by employees when declaring their time. Instead of indicating that they worked from 9am to 6pm, they will give details.

So you create activities in ManaTime that employees can use when declaring their time.

For example:

Mr Durand (an employee of your company) worked on AlphaNum client communications from 9am to 1pm.

Then from 2pm to 4pm he worked on he took part in a meeting for client DeltaPlan

Finally from 4pm to 6pm he dealt with emails.

The activities are all recorded as follows:

Communication (AlphaNum client): 4 hours

Meeting (DeltaPlan client): 2 hours

Email processing: 2 hours

Indicators to monitor declarations

Without wasting time, you have powerful indicators for analysing the most profitable files.

The activities you create can be completely customised to reflect your organisation. You define the name of the activity, the internal number, the start and end dates (ideal for teams working in project mode), the customer involved, the cost which will allow you to simply obtain the overall cost, etc.

The activities are very quick to create. Once in place, the benefits will be considerable. You'll know which files and which employees are the most profitable and efficient.

This information is of course only available to your company's human resources managers.

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