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Description of our time & activities tool

In order to improve your company's performance, it is essential to keep track of your employees' time and activities. ManaTime offers this possibility thanks to the Time Tracking feature!
What does it consist of? On ManaTime user accounts are free unlimited, so you can freely add as many as you like. Each user will indicate his activities and working time every day or even throughout the day, depending on how you work internally.

online time tracking

  • Simple declaration in 1 click
  • Monitor the profitability of your projects
  • Automate your processes
  • Secure online solution
  • Save time every day

How Time Tracking works

There are two ways to declare a time on ManaTime:

  • Start / Stop: two very simple buttons allow you to start the day (start) and then stop it as soon as you leave (stop). With each click of a user the time is recorded and it is geolocated thanks to the GPS chip present in his smartphone or computer. If he doesn't have one, he'll be geolocated using his IP address.
  • Indication of the start and end time: with this system the user chooses the start and end times himself. This can be convenient if he can't connect to ManaTime. It will also be geolocated for more information for you.

A simple software to declare your time and activity

In one case the user does not have to worry about checking the time, he simply clicks on a button (start/stop) which will do the rest for him.
In the other case, he can select the start and end time with more freedom, but also with more constraint (having noted the times in advance).
All these data are declared to the CNIL, and are fully compliant with the new European DGPS regulations.

A precise time declaration

Each declared time can be completed by a comment that can give the manager valuable information: "This mission was longer than expected because of the essential X and Y actions that were not performed by the client when I arrived". The team leader can adjust internal processes through direct feedback and improve productivity by tracking working time accurately.

A geolocated time management software

Location data allows you to ensure that users are where they should be when reporting working time. In the office, at a customer's home, in the workshop, information is recorded and allows you to simply check that everyone is at their workstation.

Time and project declaration

Unlimited access time

Time declaration with integrated geolocation

A history of declarations

Unlimited access time

Measure the profitability of your activities

Opt for a time and activity management tool

Time reporting is a very useful feature for the proper functioning of your company (or organization). Associating an activity with a time will allow you to go much further!

What is an activity?

This is the heart of your business, what you produce and achieve every day. In a company, an association or a town hall, we all have our own activities. Thus on ManaTime you create activities that are then taken over by employees when they declare their time. Instead of indicating that they worked from 9am to 6pm, they will detail.

For example:

All activities are recorded as follows:

Indicators to track reports

Without wasting time, you have powerful indicators to analyze the most profitable cases.

The activities you create are totally customizable to the image of your structure. You define the name of the activity, the internal number, the start and end dates (ideal for teams working in project mode), the client concerned, the cost that will allow you to simply obtain the overall cost, etc.

Activities are very quick to create. The gain once in place will be huge for you. You will know which files and employees are the most profitable and efficient.
This information is of course only available to your company's human resources managers.

100% iPhone, Android and tablet compatible!

Automatic payroll distribution
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Like our thousands of customers try ManaTime and save time every day.

A powerful tool with precise indicators and statistics

Easy and practical

The times reported by ManaTime users, coupled with the activities, offer you all the power of software created to perform. Day after day, the added times will be analyzed and relevant information will be extracted.

All these statistics are available without any further action on your part. ManaTime offers you three pages of indicators:

  • Activity statistics
  • User statistics
  • GANTT diagram

Knowing your profitability

On this page you have access to information on statistics. This is the most important page to find out about your company's most profitable activities. Thanks to the hourly cost you have defined in this category and the hours reported by users. You know instantly if the budget is being spent, or on the contrary if it is a perfectly controlled project. As this indicator is in real time, throughout the project life cycle you can consult information related to the profitability of the project. In addition to this, all users who have worked on this activity are listed with total times.

User statistics

Analysis by user

On the same principle as activity statistics, on this page the focus is on users (individually and collectively).
Over a given period, the activities and customers on which a user has worked are listed. Easily, you get the number of hours an employee spent at customer A or the time he spent processing his emails.
The objective is always to improve your performance and these indicators will help you in this direction. Finally, it is possible to compare several employees to highlight the best performers for the same activity.

Gantt diagram

Get an overview

The last indicator is the Gantt chart. Well known in project management, it allows you to follow the progress of a project thanks to the activities added by your company's employees.
You can freely select the period (start date, end date) and the complete company Gantt will offer you a complete view of the activities carried out each day by employee.
If you wish, you can refine by selecting certain activities or employees. You will see for each one the total time worked.

Export to go further

Export and integration to third-party solutions

All these indicators that are present on ManaTime help you to manage your activity as calmly as possible. However, at ManaTime, we are fully aware that statistics may not be perfectly adapted to your needs. For this reason, we allow you to export all data added by employees free of charge.

You are thus perfectly able to inject all this information into your own spreadsheets or data monitoring and analysis software such as: Silaé, Sage, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, etc.

However, our objective is to create a tool that is practical for you. Do not hesitate to present us your use cases, we can develop custom features for you!

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