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Easily manage leave and absence in the company

Leave management is no longer a waste of time

Use ManaTime and digitize your company's paid leave management with our online software.
You can effectively control the presence of your employees thanks to an interactive online calendar. You can store your spreadsheets and paper calendars, ManaTime takes care of everything!

As a Manager you can access the attendance calendar of the entire company or department selected with a few clicks. You will be able to consult the paid leave of all your employees via our web software. You will also have the option of validating or refusing requests for paid leave for each employee.

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Easy to use

ManaTime software has been designed to provide you with an intuitive experience from the first use.
Our interface has been entirely designed to make all your tasks simple and fast.

For those new to IT solutions, we offer a complete user manual describing step by step the configuration of our leave management software.

Unlimited users

Add an unlimited number of users to our software at no extra cost thanks to our premium package.

Forget about pricing for the number of users. Unlike competing offers, with our online leave management software, regardless of the total number of employees present or to come in your company, the price of your subscription remains the same.

Inserting your data

If necessary, our technical support will fully assist you in configuring your software.
To do so, simply contact us and make an appointment on our support page.

Always with the aim of facilitating all your daily tasks, we offer you, from a simple Excel file, to integrate all your employees into our online software free of charge.

I file my absences

Unlimited access time

A counter for each employee

I view my holiday balance, my consumption, etc.

Unlimited access time
Unlimited access time

I access my absence history

Simplify your work!

Thanks to our online solution, dematerialize the entire process related to the management of your company's leave.

Offer your team a reliable and fast tool to submit leave or absence requests from any medium (PC, mobile or tablet) equipped with an Internet connection. Thanks to a dashboard developed by our ergonomics specialists, you can quickly discover a complete and clear summary of your current and future holidays.

In other words, considerably improve your efficiency in time management.

Easily manage your teams' holiday schedules

Finally, get a clear and detailed view of your team's planning and quickly and efficiently plan your company's human resources needs.
The ManaTime online solution is fully customizable.
You can add holiday types, contract types and even your own colour code to your schedule at any time.
Our paid leave management software also allows you to create different services and assign one or more administrators for each of these groups.
On request and under certain conditions, we can even create the custom modules you need. Whatever the size or profile of your company, our solution can be fully adapted to your needs.

100% iPhone, Android and tablet compatible!

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Like our thousands of customers try ManaTime and save time every day.

Validation of paid leave becomes child's play

Manager features:

Validation of absences & holidays:

  • With careful ergonomics, take a quick look at the summary of the number of days requested by your employees for which type of absence and on which date
  • Accept or refuse this absence
  • Automatic update on team schedule
  • For healthy working relationships, each action concerning absences leads to the sending of a summary email to both parties

Team counter:

  • Summary table of all absences & leaves taken and to be taken by your employees
  • Control of the regular recording of absences
  • Colored information for better visibility
  • Verification of non-validated absences

Your employees easily adopt our leave & absence solution

User features

1. Absence request

  • Many predefined and customizable absence types
  • Dynamic calendar for choosing absence start and end dates
  • Instant update on team counters and schedules
  • Ability to comment on each absence
  • Full management of non-working days and public holidays

2. Counter display

  • Instantly observe the status of your paid leave
  • Automatic real-time update

3. Team planning

  • Quickly review the workforce present in your company on a daily basis
  • Sharing of employee schedules
  • Vision of the planning on several hierarchical levels
  • Meter visualization

4. History of requests

  • Access to request history
  • Access to current requests

Simply customize ManaTime

HR and administrator features

1. Register your employees

  • Add your users quickly with a CSV file
  • Modify their information simply
  • Get their automatic passwords

2. Organize your company in service

In order to better structure your company and your teams, you create a department and define a team leader. He will ensure the processing of his team members' leave and activities as well as the overall attendance rate.

3. Data export

Allows you to retrieve data for a specific month and send them to a third party, your accountant in particular.

This data is compatible with the main software on the market: Ciel, Sage, ADP-GSI, CEGID, Sigma, etc.

4. Assign your own functions

Each company will be able to define the function of its employees as it wishes.

5. Define the types of contracts

With ManaTime, you can register all types of contracts (35h, 39h, work-study, part-time, etc.). You also have the possibility to define your company's days of rest (not necessarily Saturday or Sunday).

6. Define your reasons for absences

By default, we create the reason for absence'Paid leave', but you can modify it if necessary.
To this, you can add as many absences as you want with the Premium offer and 3 for the Free offer.

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