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Manatime Overtime Management Module: Optimize Your Time Management​​

Effective time management is essential to the productivity and profitability of your organisation. Overtime, if poorly managed, can lead to increased costs, increased stress for employees and a loss of control over human resources.​

That's where Manatime's overtime management module comes in, designed to simplify and optimise overtime management within your company.​

Ease ​of use

ManaTime has been specially developed to provide an intuitive user experience from your first interaction with our software. We have meticulously designed an interface that simplifies and speeds up all your operations.​

For those who are unfamiliar with IT solutions, we have put together a comprehensive step-by-step guide to using our overtime management software.​

Utility ​already set up

ManaTime offers a ready-to-use solution, fully customised with your data. This means you can start using the tool straight away, without having to invest valuable time in technical configurations.

This simplified approach means you can quickly take advantage of all ManaTime's features, including overtime management.​

Extraction of your data

ManaTime makes overtime management easier by offering quick, accurate export of essential data.

Our automated export functions include information on the dates of hours worked and the volume deposited, simplifying the payroll process.

Save time and prevent costly errors by choosing ManaTime.​

They trust us

Our customers testify. More than 1,500 companies entrust us with the dematerialisation of their day-to-day HR processes.

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Why use our overtime management module?​

Precise monitoring of overtime!

ManaTime's overtime management module offers a complete solution for accurately tracking your employees' overtime.​

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can easily record and check overtime hours worked for each member of your team.​​

Automation of Calculations

Say goodbye to tedious calculations. ManaTime automates the calculation of overtime based on your company's rules.​

You can define different rates for overtime, enabling you to comply with regulations and guarantee accurate pay.​

Reducing costs

By streamlining overtime management, ManaTime enables you to reduce labour costs.​

You avoid unauthorised overtime, while optimising the use of existing human resources.​

Reporting and Analysis In-depth

ManaTime's overtime management module offers advanced reporting. You can generate detailed overtime reports by employee or department.​

This data helps you to identify trends, anticipate staffing needs and make informed decisions to optimise your time management.​

Compliance Regulatory

Compliance with laws and regulations is essential to avoid costly litigation.​

ManaTime ensures that your company complies with employment legislation on overtime management, helping you to avoid potential penalties and fines.​

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Employees express a high level of satisfaction with the use of the overtime management module. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive functions make it easy to monitor, improving transparency and efficiency.​

This has considerably simplified time management, boosting satisfaction within the company.​

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