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E-recruitment: a wind of renewal for HR

HR practices are constantly evolving, which is beneficial to business development. Recruitment is one of the areas that has undergone significant reform…

Fighting absenteeism through sport
Fighting absenteeism through sport

Not surprisingly, absenteeism at work is a poison for many companies in France. And the trend is unfortunately far from downward. According to the 8th Ayming Absenteeism Barometer…

Combating absenteeism 
The most popular professional training courses
The most popular professional training courses

The trend is omnipresent and the world of vocational training is no exception. Assert yourself as a proactive HRD and expand your training catalogue with offers…

Popular pro. training courses 
Dates of maternity leave
Dates of maternity leave

What is referred to as this leave in everyday language is actually two distinct rest periods, separated by the birth of the child. First of all, the first step…

See the dates 
Go to work in snowy weather
Working in snowy weather

France is sometimes paralyzed by heavy snowfalls. If it rarely lasts more than a few days, the journey from home to work can be disrupted…

Working when it snows 
Successful job interview
Successful job interview

When applying for a particular position, it is important to be well prepared to meet the needs of the company…

The keys to the job interview 
The 5 essential qualities to be a good manager
The 5 essential qualities to be a caring manager

Workplace stress has become a real scourge, whether in France or around the world. Faced with this phenomenon, companies are investing in well-being…

5 essential qualities of the manager 
Wage portage
Wage portage

The term may seem strange and somewhat obscure. However, it is easy to define wage portability. This is a relatively new way of working…

Wage portage 
The CDD Tremplin
CDD Tremplin revolutionizes the labour market

A brand new opportunity has just appeared on the French labour market: the CDD Tremplin. If everyone knows the modalities and context well…

The CDD Tremplin 
The break in the company
The importance of the break in the company

Some company managers are irritated by employees who like to take a break from time to time. Indeed, how to respect the deadlines imposed by customers…

The break in the company 
Diversity in companies
Diversity of profiles, a challenge for the company

In 2004, the Corporate Diversity Charter was drafted and signed by many business leaders. Created to ensure the diversity of profiles…

Diversity of profiles 
Smoking and vapoter in the workplace
Smoking and vaporizing in the workplace

Smokers and steamers are required to do without steaming and smoking in their workplace. The question arose when the e-liquids…

Smoking and vaporizing at work 
Automotive fleet
Motor fleet management, a mission for HR

Vehicle fleet management is generally assigned to the administrative, technical and logistics departments of a company…

Manage a fleet of cars 
Properly integrating employees
The importance of a good integration of new employees

How to integrate new employees into the company must be one of the priorities of Human Resources. Indeed, a good integration…

Integrate new employees 
Days off 2019
All public holiday dates 2019

New Year's Day, Easter Monday, Labour Day, Allied Victory, Ascension Thursday, Whit Monday, National Day, Assumption Day, All Saints' Day…

Holidays in 2019;
Employee gifts
Giving gifts to employees for the holidays

Some companies are in the habit of offering gifts to employees at the end of each year. Others questioned the usefulness of this practice. Far from being an obligation…

Offer gifts to employees 
Pathological leave
All about pathological leave

Pathological leave is reserved exclusively for women whose pregnancy is considered at risk. Medical problems must be detected…

Pathological leave 
annual evaluation interview
The keys to a successful annual evaluation interview

Usually at the end of the year, employers organise evaluation interviews. Some employees perceive this step as a source of stress…

The annual evaluation interview 
Pay for paid leave
Paying paid leave: Calculation methods

At the time of going on paid leave, the employee is entitled to the corresponding allowances. Its absence therefore has no negative impact on its budget…

Pay paid leave 
Remote work
Telework: an increasingly common practice

Telework is a practice that began in the United States in the 1970s and then quickly spread to the rest of the world to meet the demands of modern life…

unequal wages for men and women
Men/women wage inequalities: persistent gaps in equal skills?

INSEE figures indicate that the difference in male and female employees is around 18.6%. About half of this gap seems unexplained …

Inequality between men and women 
Sabbatical leave
What is sabbatical leave?

An employee may wish to suspend his employment contract without leaving his position. Sabbatical leave is therefore an alternative to resignation…

The sabbatical leave 
Source sampling
Steps to successfully implement the withholding tax

The decision is now definitively adopted by the government. Income tax will be levied at source as from 1 January 2019…

The withholding tax 
Work after holidays
Entry: our tips for returning to work after holidays

The post-vacation blues and the stress that precedes the return to work make it difficult to start the school year…

Work after holidays 
Telephone calls at work
Can you use your phone during working hours?

For obvious reasons, it is impossible for the employer to totally prohibit the use of the telephone in the workplace…

The work phone 
Overtime hour
Overtime legislation?

In general, for employees who work overtime, the latter can increase revenues in an interesting way…

Overtime work 
Leave for family events
All about family leave?

When you are an employee, you are subject to certain constraints that prevent you from taking days off when you wish…

Family leave 
Leave without pay
Leave without pay: Conditions and remuneration?

Unlike other types of leave, unpaid leave does not currently have a very specific legal framework. No entry in the Labour Code…

Leave without pay 
Parental leave
How can I benefit from parental leave?

When a new child arrives home, the opportunity to take parental leave is particularly welcome. Indeed, "parental leave of education" allows an employee…

Parental leave 
Co-working space
Coworking spaces: a new way of working

Coworking is a new way of working that has become increasingly popular over the years…

The closure of the company
That the law provides in the event of a summer closure of your business?

For many SMEs, the summer closure of the company can turn into a real administrative puzzle…

The summer closure of the company 
Unlimited leave
Unlimited leave: advantages and disadvantages

Since the Industrial Revolution, our relationship to work has evolved over the generations. With the advent of robotics,...

Unlimited leave 
Falling ill during holidays
Fall ill during the holidays, can we postpone our holidays?

All employees benefit from 30 working days of paid leave at the expense of their employer each year. Some measures are therefore taken when he falls ill during his holidays...

Fall ill during a leave 
Sick leave
What are the rights and obligations of sick leave?

There are many questions, both for the employee and the company, during a sick leave, but also for a work accident or...

Sickness leave 
absenteeism from work
How to combat absenteeism at work?

With an employee absent 16 days a year, France is no better ranked than Great Britain or Germany in terms of absenteeism at work...

Absenteeism at work 
adoption leave
What is adoption leave

When an employee adopts a child, it is possible for him/her to enjoy a adoption leave. To do this, it must respond to certain...

The adoption leave 
Birth leave
Birth leave rules

When a child is born, a number of rights are granted to the biological father, as well as to the mother's spouse in the event of a separation...

Birth leave 
All about sick child leave
All about sick child leave

When a child falls ill, it is often necessary for one of his parents to be absent from work...

Leaves for sick children 
All about paternity leave
Conditions and remuneration for paternity leave

All men in a profession (whether employed or not), job seekers, and...

Paternity leave 
All about maternity leave
Zoom on maternity leave in the private sector

Any woman who becomes pregnant can benefit from this leave before the birth of her child and after having...

Maternity leave 
How to manage leave requests
Advice: how to manage leave requests?

An employee, on permanent contract for several years in the company, works part-time 3 days a week...

Practical case 
All types of leave
Other holidays

Paid leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, family event leave...

Other leaves 
paid leaves
The paid leaves

Who is entitled to paid leave? What is the reference period? How to calculate paid leave? Are some employees given priority for holidays?

The paid leaves 

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