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Frequently Asked Questions

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Should I install software to use ManaTime?

You do not have any software to install. ManaTime is a solution that can be used over the Internet.

What is the time frame for ManaTime?

ManaTime is available immediately after registration. Simply set up your account and each user will receive an ID and password to log in.

Do users need training to use ManaTime?

The ManaTime software is intuitive. However, in case of difficulty, a "Help" section is available once you have logged in.

Are the working days managed by ManaTime?

You have the choice during your absence creation to choose a method of calculation.

Is part-time managed by ManaTime?

ManaTime manages both full-time and part-time contracts. This management is done on the administrator part.

Can my payroll software interface with ManaTime?

ManaTime exports data that is compatible with the most widely used payroll software (Ciel, Sage, ADP-GSI, CEGID, Sigma, etc.). However, the software must have a file import module. If your software is not on the list please notify us by email, we will do the necessary as soon as possible.

My company has very precise CP acquisition methods, can we set up ManaTime?

When setting up your account, you can specify the number of paid vacation days earned during the year. For more specific cases, ManaTime can be configured with the help of our customer service, which can be contacted by email or phone. A counselor will contact you by phone within 24 business hours.

Can I export ManaTime data?

The data can be exported at any time as a CSV file.

Is the data inserted in ManaTime protected?

ManaTime encrypts the most sensitive information. They are then saved to our host on secure servers.

Is ManaTime compatible on Mac?

ManaTime is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. However, for better navigation we recommend the use of the last version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

What languages ​​are available on ManaTime?

French and English are available. Coming soon, ManaTime will offer German and Spanish as an additional language.

If there is a problem, is there a customer service?

Our customer service is available by email or phone at any time. The team will reply by email or telephone within 24 business hours.

What are the accepted payment methods?

ManaTime accepts payment by credit card, wire transfer, direct debit and check.

Can my accountant receive a monthly report?

ManaTime reviews the attendance and absences of all your employees. This report can be sent to one or more people by e-mail.