The 5 essential qualities to be a caring manager

05/02/2019 by Hicham HMICHE


The qualities to be a caring manager

Work stress has become a real scourge, whether in France or around the world. Faced with this phenomenon, companies are investing in well-being in the workplace and rethinking managerial techniques. Only before looking at these aspects, it is necessary to identify the qualities of a good manager so that his influence is positive on his team. To help you see more clearly, we present you the 5 essential qualities of a manager.

Recognition of employees, one of the 5 essential qualities of a manager

The importance of thanking your collaborators

If among the 5 essential qualities of a manager, there was an order of importance, then recognition would be in the first position. There is nothing more encouraging than thanks for a job well done and for the quality provided. This recognition can be expressed in several ways: either orally, by email, or by a gift for all members of the department concerned. Of course, for them to be relevant, it is necessary to do these acknowledgements at spaced intervals (e.g., every weekend or every month).

Attention: A congratulatory message must be exclusively positive. It is therefore not advisable to place a "but" in the speech. For example, if a manager compliments his team before saying "but don't forget to meet your objectives by the end of the year", it will tarnish the picture and in short, cancel the effect of the thanks. There is a time for everything: and that time must be devoted to highlighting the team.

Always put your team forward

If a manager wins a contract or if a project has been carried out according to the rules, then it is important to highlight the team's overall work. Of course they have been briefed and motivated by the manager, but it is their collaborative work that is highlighted.

Following the same logic of the 5 essential qualities of a manager, it is useless to blame failure on employees: as a manager (and therefore responsible), the fault must be assumed. Being a manager does not only mean supervising a team: it also means absorbing all the merits, but also all the failures.

Testimate your confidence in your employees

A collaborative work cannot be optimal if the manager does not have confidence in his employees. Trust allows you to delegate, share and exchange in a dynamic of improvement.

In the opposite direction, if there is no trust, conflicts arise: competitiveness between employees, poor communication of information and poor understanding of it.

Share workload

The manager should not keep the workload of the department to himself: if he cannot delegate, then the problem is serious. He must therefore question the trust he places (or does not place) in his employees and the reasons why he does so. It should be noted that trust does not come overnight: it is earned over days, weeks and project results.

Responsibility of your team

In the 5 essential qualities of a manager, trust must be total (towards all employees) and not partial (only towards one or another employee). In order for everyone to progress with their skills, it is necessary to empower them and at the same time relieve the pressure on the manager. If this pressure is too strong, then it will negatively affect her team, which will affect quality and productivity.

Helping employees

In order to be responsible, the manager must be available to his team and provide all the help and skills necessary to accomplish the various missions.

Demonstrate natural authority

A caring manager must be respected by his employees to be accountable for the workload requested by his superiors. To do this, it is necessary to be attentive to the complaints and difficulties encountered in the service. Do not take part in conflicts and act as a mediator in disputes that may arise between team members.

The right to make mistakes in the 5 essential qualities of a manager

People who do not make mistakes are not yet born: being aware of this, the manager must accept a margin of error in all projects that are carried out. Of course, each mistake has a degree of importance, but it is necessary to take them into account for each mission and each task.

What to do in case of error

If an error is found, the manager must inform the employee concerned in isolation and not in front of the other employees, at the risk of this remark being taken as a humiliation. He must then ensure that the error does not recur and for this, a methodology must be put in place.

Se poser les bonnes questions pour optimiser les 5 qualités indispensables d'un manager

For each error made, the manager must be able to question himself: perhaps it is the result of poor communication or instructions that are not clear enough?

Know how to question oneself

A good manager must be able to question himself, not to the point of losing his confidence of course, but in a progressive and constructive way. This challenge will reinforce the employees who will see it as a sign of trust and recognition.

As you will have understood, leading a team is not always an easy task, but if these 5 essential qualities of a manager are applied, then the daily routine will be much more fluid and the company will benefit from it, whether in the short, medium or long term.

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