The keys to a successful annual evaluation interview

20/11/2018 by Hicham HMICHE


annual evaluation interview

Usually at the end of the year, employers organise evaluation interviews. Some employees perceive this step as a source of stress, others are totally indifferent to it. What we must understand is that the annual maintenance is essential because it gives rise to productive exchanges. Here are his tips for making the most of it.

1- Refine the right strategy upstream

The period

It is imperative to be informed about the company's practices regarding the annual interview. Thus, the employee must know in advance at what exact time he or she will be confronted with his or her supervisor. In most cases, the evaluation is carried out at the end of the year, but each company is free to define the planning that suits it. It is also necessary to consider the topics that are frequently discussed. Does the exchange focus on the employee's working conditions and performance or is it possible to request a promotion at the same time? These are all questions to ask in order to be able to approach the annual interview with confidence.

Let us remember that the evaluation interview allows the employee to know how his manager perceives him. It is also an opportunity to look back at what has been accomplished by the employee over the past year. In this sense, it is important to allow yourself about 1h30 of preparation time to have concrete answers.

Predict a list of performances and difficult situations encountered

The annual interview is not the time to reflect on what has been done but to value it. The employee must therefore provide an exhaustive list of his achievements. If problems have occurred during the performance of his duties, the employee must take them into account. All this data will then be synthesized and used as a solid basis for exchanges.

Present a factual assessment

It is not enough for the employee to list the areas in which he or she has excelled during the year. He must be able to place them in specific contexts. The projects concerned, dates and other quantified details will thus strengthen his argument. During the assessment interview, the employee must be able to justify whether the objectives have been achieved or even exceeded. Otherwise, it is important to explain the complexity of the situations that have hindered the success of the missions for which he was responsible. It is advisable to propose solutions such as a request for training to enhance the employee's skills.

In the event that a promotion/increase request is planned at the interview, the assessment may influence the manager's decision.

2- Adopt a responsible attitude

As its name suggests, the annual interview takes place only once a year. This is an opportunity to be seized wisely to ensure positive development. The attitude adopted must be professional in all circumstances, including conflicts between manager and managed. Two conditions guarantee an irreproachable attitude.


It is essential to be able to analyse the past professional year objectively. The idea is to flatten every situation, whether positive or negative. Indeed, the fact of exclusively valuing achievements and ignoring failures calls into question professionalism. It is important to objectively discuss relationships with employees, prospects and customers, line managers.... By raising topics (even sensitive ones), it is easier to consider concrete and productive solutions. Knowing how to identify and raise your own weaknesses is great. This attests to the willingness to evolve continuously and therefore to bring better skills within the company.

The franchise

You shouldn't be afraid to say things, without censorship. It is obvious that the superior in charge of the annual interview may have different points of view. This does not mean, however, that you should accept your opinion without hesitation. If the employee has interesting suggestions, it is better to take advantage of the annual interview to discuss them. This may include relevant training that teams need. Proposals to improve the internal organization and to promote the company's growth should also be made frankly. In the event that the employee has identified deficiencies, he should not be afraid to notify his manager. The most important thing is to prepare the arguments that prove the employee's statements.

3- Plan constructive solutions

The annual interview is first and foremost an exchange. This means both listening and proposing. Mastering these fundamentals leads managers and managers to a common vision: contribute to the evolution of the company.

The sense of listening

The manager will certainly have observations to make as the discussion progresses. It is the employee's responsibility to listen carefully to him, without interrupting him. It is allowed to take notes in order to come back to the points that drew attention. The manager is entitled to express himself in a personal capacity, depending on his perception of the employee's way of working. It can also report collective assessments. By paying infallible attention to what is said, the employee finds the opportunity to avoid or resolve conflict situations.

The sense of initiative

It is frowned upon to take it in silence. The idea is not to systematically contradict the manager or, conversely, to prove him right. It is rather a matter of giving your personal opinion. If the employee is criticized, he or she must be able to offer relevant explanations, without aggressiveness. If complimented, the employee must be humble. In all circumstances, it is necessary to know how to make suggestions that can be applied.

And then?

At the end of the evaluation interview, manager and managed should be able to reach a constructive consensus. As far as the employee is concerned, these exchanges offer the opportunity to assess his or her strengths and weaknesses. This allows him to grow as an individual and as a member of a team. Far from being a constraint, the evaluation interview is a precious opportunity that the employee must seize. It is worthwhile to prepare skillfully before meeting your supervisor.

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