The diversity of profiles, a real business challenge for the company

21/01/2019 by Hicham HMICHE


The diversity of profiles

Diversity of profiles and inclusive culture

In 2004, the Corporate Diversity Charter was drafted and signed by many business leaders. Created to ensure the diversity of profiles in the company, the latter stipulates in particular that companies that have signed up undertake to promote and respect diversity among the company's employees. But to ensure the diversity of profiles in the company, it is important that Human Resources play an integrating role by creating an inclusive culture. Diversity can only be rich if everyone feels accepted and integrated with their differences. This inclusive culture is also an opportunity for the company to demonstrate its social responsibility and thus perfect its image. The acts put in place must, of course, respect the legislative framework. Finally, a good, well-kept and thoughtful inclusive culture allows the company to perform better and achieve better financial results. Well conducted, it ensures the diversity of profiles in the company and contributes to its development and health.

The benefits of diversity

By varying the profiles of employees, the company increases its assets. This is why the role of Human Resources is essential. Indeed, this service must ensure the diversity of profiles in the company at the time of recruitment by being attentive to all candidates in order to make the right choice. The variety of profiles within employees makes it possible to create composite teams and, indeed, teams with panache. Indeed, it allows to have different visions, and varied ideas, which can only enrich the company. This will enable it to implement innovative solutions, and therefore to grow more quickly.

The role of each

While the task of ensuring the diversity of profiles in the company is primarily the responsibility of Human Resources because it is this department that is responsible for recruitment, all employees must also ensure that this culture of diversity is promoted and respected. The job of the company's managers is therefore to promote this culture among each employee so that it can be implemented by all. Indeed, for diversity to be a truly positive point, it is necessary for everyone to participate in its successful implementation. Human Resources must not only support managers in this spirit of diversity of profiles, but also all employees.

In practice, how it works?

Ensuring the diversity of profiles in the company therefore requires concrete actions within the company. In particular, it is important to implement various initiatives for each category of employee. Gender equality is more important than ever and each company must make the effort to recruit more women so that real equality in numbers can take root at the heart of the team. It is essential to integrate more women into the hierarchy as well, into management committees and other positions of responsibility. A good gender balance at all levels of the company can only be beneficial to him. It should be noted that the law proposes different solutions to achieve this equality.

Work life and private life

One of the parameters contributing to the well-being of employees within the company is the right balance between work and personal life. Indeed, it is essential that working time does not encroach on employees' private lives, as this would ruin everyone's fulfilment and harm the well-being of the company. One solution may be to create teleworking hours according to the wishes expressed by employees. Not organizing meetings after a certain time also promotes the balance of each person and therefore of the group.

In addition, in order to promote growth within the company, various services can be created, such as daycare places, the installation of a sports hall in the premises...

Other services

For the development of its employees, the company can also put in place measures to help employees suffering from an illness or having a sick person in their immediate environment. For a sick employee, the measures to be implemented may involve adjusting his working time and setting up working conditions that adapt to what he is facing in order to best help him through this period. For employees with a sick relative in their care, the company can help them with similar measures. A good planning can be very helpful. In addition, managers can ensure that the spirit of solidarity is optimally developed by encouraging the donation of leave between employees.

In addition, for employees with disabilities, special measures can be taken and it is important to ensure that everyone's difference is respected. Each employee must be fully integrated into the team, regardless of his or her profile. To do this, it is important that the Human Resources department works upstream with the other departments of the company. This is essential to ensure that each employee is aware of the differences between them. The measures to be implemented can be the verification of the company's access to people with disabilities. It is essential that an employee with a disability has no difficulty entering the premises. These must be adapted so that entrances and exits are accessible to all.

For the company to function optimally, everyone must feel concerned by the development of an inclusive culture and implement measures to promote the integration of all. Differences should be seen as an opportunity to enrich each other.

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