How to measure your company's e-reputation?

22/04/2019 by Hicham HMICHE



Your company's e-reputation is not just a development factor. It is now a vectors of your success or failure. All the indicators relating to the e-reputation of your company should be checked, because your image no longer depends solely on your communication strategy. Everyone who talks about you on the web influences consumers.
Let's take stock of the elements that require your full attention with a view to measuring your company's e-reputation. The objective is then to adjust the strategies adopted to convince consumers.

Ask Google to measure your company's reputation

The positioning race is nothing new. And in this constantly changing web universe, it is essential to be appreciated by Google. The principle? Carry out searches as an ordinary Internet user would do in typing :

Take a close look at the first three or four pages that appear in the results. Indeed, few Internet users continue their search beyond that point. Put yourself in the shoes of Internet users looking for information and ask yourself the right questions. Is your company's reputation rather good or is the information conveyed in these first search results are unfavourable? Does the information provided make you want to get in touch with your teams? Is the information relevant and up to date?

It is possible that your approach may lead to negative results. Turn these obstacles in your favour! Instead of letting others talk about your business for you, propose a content that will be more relevant to you. and take back the lead on the search engines. You will find that your e-reputation will improve.

Read notices and comments posted on blogs and forums

This is a time when consumers rely more on the opinions of other Internet users than on the information conveyed in the advertisements . Even if you offer a testimonial system to customers Satisfied, Internet users do not miss the opportunity to question their entourage and even complete strangers before making up their mind. And as mentioned earlier, those who talk about your business can improve or tarnish the e-reputation of your company. So you have to literally scour different websites to find out what consumers think of you.

Go to social networks to discover comments and opinions. Check out sites specialising in product/service comparisons. You can even post questions in forums for measure your company's e-reputation. Choose your topics carefully to get accurate answers. As an example :

Don't be afraid of the answers that will come out of it, because these opinions and comments influence your e-reputation. By finding out what consumers think of you, you have the possibility to to modify your communication and marketing strategy. For example, it is possible to get in direct contact with potential dissatisfied consumers. The idea is not to contradict them, but to dialogue in order to that they understand that their opinion counts and that you are willing to make the necessary changes.

Fine-tuning your presence on social networks

The popularity of social media among Internet users leaves no room for doubt. Registering on these networks is therefore an advantage, provided you have mastered their use. To begin with, limit yourself to one or two platforms to simplify the management of your presence. Then make sure you regularly feed your pages with the correct information.

It is not only a question of publishing new content, but also of proposing qualitative content and above all, taking the time to exchange with Internet users. Reply to comments and messages private. Propose quizzes, launch satisfaction surveys, ask users what motivates them to buy your products/services or, conversely, what makes them hesitate.

As with Google and forums, you can search social networks. Identify all the points that are beneficial to your company's e-reputation. In the same way, note anything that can harm your image.

The importance of the employer brand for your company's reputation

The importance of the employer brand for your company's reputation It is essential to measure your company's e-reputation by analysing information published by consumers, competitors, observers... However, it is even more important to ensure that Your own teams contribute to the constant optimisation of your structure's reputation.
That's the whole point of fine-tuning your internal recruitment and retention strategy. Managing skills is a task for HR. It is imperative to ensuring the consistency of working methods by favouring qualitative services in all circumstances. Offer training to your employees. Organise weekly meetings to do the point. Take the time to discuss with your staff to identify any difficulties they may be encountering or to note any suggestions they may provide.

The employer brand is therefore an essential strategy for the health of your company.

Finally, you should know that it is essential to use indicators with figures. They allow you to regularly analyse your company's e-reputation. If the evolution is positive, stay the course. If the If the results are negative, adjust the actions taken based on the information previously obtained on the web.

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