E-learning : advantages and disadvantages

12/04/2019 by Hicham HMICHE



E-learning is more and more talked about in the business world, but especially in the training world: it allows a large number of people to be trained via the Internet and can be carried out on site. at work or from home. To help you see more clearly, we've looked at the subject: on the one hand the advantages and on the other hand the disadvantages. Follow the guide!

The strong points of this playful training

A practical side

Among the advantages of e-learning are the access to training. All you need is a computer (or a tablet terminal) and an Internet connection. The candidate then accesses a platform on which he will be able to navigate and access the different learning modules. It is a solution that is easy to use thanks to its intuitive features.

Learn with a minimum of technical means

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, e-learning does not require not much material to be practiced. A computer, a power outlet and that's it! To deepen the You can also bring a notebook to write notes.

A collaborative trend

One of the other advantages of e-learning is to optimize collaborative work by encouraging mutual help through discussion forums or by allowing candidates to exchange on topics such as specifics of the training. In addition, most of the modules offer the possibility to record the courses, so that everyone can come back to them for a customized learning experience.

Limit the costs for a company

Companies also benefit from e-learning: it is accessible to everyone and can be practiced in the workplace, without any geographical constraints. This reduces costs while optimizing the time spent on production.

Emphasis on autonomy

E-learning rhymes with autonomy and freedom in the schedule. Indeed, candidates can optimize their work time and fill in the quietest moments by learning a discipline. This the flexible side is very much appreciated by companies who see it as an opportunity to combine training opportunities with more suitable time slots

Where are the limits of E learning

Lack of interaction in the e-learning sessions

One of the main drawbacks of e-learning is undoubtedly the lack of interaction. The candidate is in front of a computer and it is impossible for him/her to interact with the module. However, this disadvantage is fulfilled through the self-help opportunities that are available through the forums and discussion groups. Everyone can help, in a collaborative way, to evolve and progress constructively.

Mastery of the technical tools to access the supports

Another disadvantage of e-learning is that the participant has to master the technical tools on which the modules will be presented. He must therefore be familiar with the basic operation of a computer or a digital tablet. However, let the most skeptical be reassured: the programs are made in a completely playful way, which allows easy navigation and easy progression in the E-leaning training module.

Generic and not specific content

The principle of e-learning is to teach everyone from their home or workplace. They will then have access to uniform content that is not always adapted to their situation nor to their level of knowledge. That said, there can be a major advantage: that of interpretation for each situation and sector of activity. For example, if an e-learning module deals with sales techniques, then one can envisage a specific application in each sector: the pharmaceutical industry sales representative will be able to apply it to his offers, etc.

E-learning: A medium that does not adapt to all subjects

Finally, e-learning cannot be applied to all subjects. Rest assured, it encompasses most disciplines that require a large part of theory. For subjects that require more than or are more subjective, then it will be easier to go through a traditional course (via a specialized training facilitator for example) for a learning that is more adapted to the needs of the applicants.

Doing an e-learning course: how to free up time?

The last difficulty of E-Learning is to to free oneself from time and to stay focused on the proposed content. If most of the time learners willingly lend themselves to the game by getting quickly at work and by immersing themselves in the training context, others may have a tendency to become distracted. However, there is no need to worry: if you have problems concentrating, just to isolate yourself in a quiet place to keep away any source of distraction. For those who are short of time, take a step back from your schedule and reserve the time slots that are most conducive to a good learning. Then, integrate the sessions into your schedule for optimal organization!

You now have all the information you need to look into eLearning: all you have to do now is to get started in order to realize your project and make your ambitions come true! These programs have many more advantages than of inconvenience, which is an ideal balance for learning at your own pace, whether at work or at home.

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