Recruiting in a start-up, the key points for success

31/05/2019 by Hicham HMICHE

recrutement dans une startup

In general, a startup is often called upon to recruit. Recruiting within a startup is therefore a real issue for the company, and a challenge for the Human Resources department. Because, if the The majority of candidates for a startup position often express the same motivations, what is happening on the HR side? How do we know which profiles to favour? How do you go about ensuring success? Here are a few tips for successful recruitment within a startup.

Recruitment in a startup, the need to be demanding:

Recruiting in a startup often involves receiving many candidates, as there are a plethora of applicants. Therefore, it is essential for Human Resources to to be demanding. Far from being a defect, the requirement is a quality that will serve the company, starting with selective sorting. The requirement makes it possible to immediately distinguish between candidates who do not have the profile and those who have strong potential. corresponding to the expectations of the start-up.
Recruitment within a startup must meet immediate and precise needs. In fact, if the recruiter(s) are not demanding, the recruitment will not be good and the consequences for the company will be plural and bad. Recruiting into a startup without being demanding at this stage means running the risk of creating a less competent and therefore less efficient and less effective working environment. productive. This type of context resulting from poor recruitment can be identified much more quickly in a startup than in a large multinational company. With a smaller workforce, it is much more difficult to to compensate for poor recruitment in a startup.
Moreover, a startup is bound to grow rapidly, which is why recruitment within a startup must necessarily be rethought. Horizontal recruitment is no longer adapted to the framework, so it is necessary to To know how to get out of this pattern and enter into a logic of recruitment by skill. Recruiting in a startup by focusing on real needs and skills can only be beneficial to the company. A startup needs specific skills, you need to seek them out and stop recruiting from existing professional connections. Wage renewal based on effective skills is a sign of a good recruitment within a startup.

The tools for successful recruitment in a startup:

Many startups are created by people who share similarities, creating a nice and rather cool working environment. But there comes a time when this framework needs to be transformed to lean towards something more structured. This is particularly the role of the Human Resources Director, when the latter joins the team. Bringing structuring to the whole organisation must be, for the HR Director, one of the tasks to be carried out as a priority. Structuring does not mean distorting the spirit of the startup, but simply providing it with a more professional framework within which the various processes inherent in the Human Resources will be thought and written. It is essential to to think carefully about the mode of recruitment in order to opt for the most beneficial to the company, as well as the methods of integration, the remuneration, or hours of work. Recruiting well in a startup must therefore be accompanied by changes aimed at the company's growth, prosperity and well-being.
In fact, in order to recruit successfully within a startup, the Human Resources Director must know how to create his place as the person responsible for recruitment within the company's management. This will enable it to very quickly put in place the right tools and in particular the classic processes for recruiting in a startup. Be careful, the HR Director must know how to be assertive, but also remain open to The team's proposals and possibilities. Too rigid a posture would be detrimental to the health of the company.
Moreover, the HRD will have to look at the image of the company and implement the right actions to make it attractive and thus attract the right profiles. This aspect is often forgotten or neglected by the recruiters when it is fundamental to good recruitment within a startup. Growing the company must go hand in hand with work dedicated to its attractiveness.
Finally, avoiding rhyming startups with young graduates can only be advantageous to the company. Recruiting seniors brings many benefits, including greater experience and the possibility of a grid of wider salary.

The HRD, a fundamental function for the structuring of the startup :

The Human Resources Director of a startup must therefore know how to assert himself, whatever his initial link with the company's managers. If he or she was a member of the network from the start of the project, it doesn't mean that he or she hasn't been a member of the network. should not prevent it from asserting itself and putting in place the best tools to recruit in a startup. It is imperative that he knows how to to be heard and get the leader to think differently, particularly in terms of recruitment by skill. The HRD is the only person responsible for the proper recruitment within a startup. It is therefore incumbent on him to structure the recruitment interviews well and to establish in a way that specifies the profiles that the company really needs. Recruiting in a startup can only be done well if the HR department conducts its service with exigency and assurance.
It should be remembered that recruiting in a startup should not be motivated simply to increase resources. Recruitment must make sense and to specific needs. In summary, the HRD's priority must be the construction of the team and its structuring according to a logic set up to serve the startup, to make it grow. It is a question of preserving the original soul of the company while providing it with the necessary framework for its development.

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