The importance of a good integration of new employees

02/01/2019 by Hicham HMICHE


integration of new employees

How to integrate new employees into the company must be one of the priorities of Human Resources. Indeed, a good integration of new employees contributes to the company's well-being, particularly in financial terms. Figures show that the 22% of staff turnover in the first 45 days costs the company three times the salary of a former employee.

Well integrating new employees requires a minimum of forecasting:

The arrival of new employees must be prepared, in particular by implementing measures to formalize their arrival. To this end, it is advisable to set dates in the company's agenda so that new employees are welcomed as well as possible. Too often, the welcome is rushed, without any real presentation to other employees. This is why it is important to keep an agenda.

Even before a new employee arrives, it may be very useful to send him/her a welcome e-mail signed by the Human Resources team. This will promote the integration of new employees.

The importance of the first day in the company:

To properly integrate new employees, it is essential to think about their first day in the company. Indeed, integrating a new team is not easy, so it is necessary to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, starting with a word of welcome from the manager or another person in charge. This will be a first step in the integration of new employees.

The organization of group activities or other group time on this first day seems appropriate to bring new and old to exchange. Proper integration of new employees requires an agreement between all employees. These activities must be complemented by a visit to the premises. In order to promote understanding between new and old, this visit can be conducted by old people. This will contribute to a better integration of new employees.

Lunch is a key step in this first day of integration for new employees. A meal with the managers will allow a less "hierarchical" exchange during which many subjects can be discussed, such as the company's dress code if there is one. This integration day involves keeping them informed of this kind of thing.

Ideally, lunch will be followed by a presentation of the position. In order to properly integrate these employees, a document containing all the resources made available to them may be given to them. It is always reassuring to know that you can rely on a visual support. Finally, for a good integration, it will be good to offer them a speaking time at the end of the day so that they can express themselves on this first day within the company.

All a first quarter dedicated to the integration of new employees:

Well-integrating new employees does not take place in a single day, the welcome and integration process must continue throughout the first quarter. During this meeting, meeting times between the manager(s) and the new employees must be set up. This will allow the manager to make readjustments, to give the new employee the opportunity to express himself on the positive and negative aspects he has observed since his arrival. It is essential that these exchanges give way to honesty.

At the end of this integration period for new employees, a meeting should be organised between HR and new employees. A time that will allow, among other things, to discuss recruitment procedures. This time can also be presented as an opportunity for the manager to do benchmarking. In other words, he will be able to make a comparative analysis of the company's performance with those in which the new employee has already worked. This exchange time at the end of the integration period must be enriching for both parties.

How to prepare well for the arrival of a new employee:

If keeping a schedule will help to integrate new employees well, it will not be enough. Indeed, it is a tool that must be accompanied by several other steps. The arrival of a new employee involves tasks to be scheduled before his arrival on the premises, and tasks to be scheduled once he has joined the team.

Preparing all these tasks, from their content to their completion, will provide everyone with the best possible framework. Everyone will know in advance what to do and will be able to welcome new employees in the most efficient and appropriate way.

The role of the company's management in integrating new employees:

The various departments of the company's departments have a key role to play in welcoming and integrating new employees. Whether it is Human Resources, Finance, IT or Works Council, everyone has a role to play and must be informed when new employees join the company. Let us not forget that a good cohesion between all the employees of a company necessarily requires good communication.

The role of the Human Resources Department will be to gather all documents relating to hiring. This task must be carried out beforehand with the management of the financial department. The task of the IT department will be to ensure that all the hardware and software necessary for the successful completion of the new employee's work is in place. The IT department must ensure that everything is in order and ready to be used. A new employee who finds himself from his first day with missing tools or equipment that is not in perfect working order will not feel welcomed. It is even possible and legitimate for him to feel that this lack of preparation is a lack of consideration. Complete and optimal equipment is very important. A good coordination of all these tasks to be carried out requires their formalization.

The welcome of new employees is being prepared and their integration must be nurtured over a period of about three months.

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