The most popular professional training courses

19/02/2019 by Hicham HMICHE


professional training courses

The trend is omnipresent and the world of vocational training is no exception. Assert yourself as a proactive HRD and expand your training catalogue with offers that will certainly interest your teams. Following trends in this area is certainly beneficial to the development of your activities.

The personal development and professional performance combo

These two types of professional training are inseparable, because they are complementary. Indeed, each member of your team must be able to evolve on a personal level to be able to carry out their missions effectively.

The training courses in question therefore cover subjects as varied as time management, communication, the art of public speaking, stress management techniques, etc. The skills acquired will enable employees to feel more confident and will encourage internal exchanges. Getting teams to communicate is a development vector for your company. The synchronization of tasks is improved. Individual efforts are more relevant, which makes it easier to take them into account. Each employee will therefore feel more efficient and useful.

The contents of these training courses are also useful in the private lives of your employees. They promote a better understanding and encourage a more relaxed approach to sensitive topics. This is without counting on the ability to manage one's time more wisely, a major asset in separating personal and professional life.

Quality and safety training

Vocational training in these areas is above all essential to the company. They inform employees about the obligations to respect in order to comply with the regulatory framework governing the profession, but also to strengthen the relationship of trust with your customers and partners.
At the same time, they are training courses that improve the employability of your employees. Being trained in the latest practices, they will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the performance of their respective functions.

It is the responsibility of HR to retain teams so that these gains do not benefit your competitors.

Foreign language training

These may not be the most popular professional training courses, but they are still in high demand. English-language learning and development tops the list. French language training is in second place. They are mainly aimed at foreign workers who have significant potential, but who are hindered by the language barrier. In third place are the Spanish language courses. If you target partnerships or clients in countries using other languages, you should not hesitate to integrate them into your training program.

Mastery of foreign languages also contributes to the personal development mentioned above.

Management and leadership training

Here again, there is complementarity with training aimed at the personal development of employees. However, these are more targeted vocational training. They are mainly aimed at managers and team leaders. These training courses detail the different ways to motivate employees to remain loyal to the company. At the same time, they must be encouraged to always offer the best of themselves in the accomplishment of their missions. The manager also has the opportunity to discover new team management techniques. The aim is to avoid conflicts to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere. And if team dynamics are declining, how should we react? The answer to this question is provided in the context of leadership and management training. In addition, there are options for facilitating a meeting and encouraging everyone to participate. The training courses also help managers to position themselves wisely in the hierarchy. To do this, they must be respected while maintaining a certain proximity with employees.

The topics covered are extremely interesting. But what will motivate your teams to register for these trainings is also the way you present them and the way you transmit their content.

Vocational training that uses digital technology

While e-learning is not a new concept, it is gaining a more important place in the corporate world. As a reminder, employees are trained on the Internet and therefore at a distance. There are no constraints as everyone is free to choose their training schedules according to their availability. Cost management is also easier since it is possible to integrate these training courses into the time spent in the office - at lunchtime, for example - and thus to use existing tools (computer, internet connection, etc.).

This method raises some questions, particularly in terms of effectiveness. Nevertheless, nearly 90% of French companies, associations and organisations have adopted e-learning. This enthusiasm is certainly based on the benefits of the practice and the concrete results that result from it.

In addition to these distance learning courses, there is a concept aimed at "skills transfer". It is therefore an internal learning process, offering the most experienced employees the opportunity to train their employees. This is mainly a transfer of technical know-how, but it is also possible to adopt this option in order to instil the company's values in new recruits. HR has the prospect of collaborating with higher education institutions to ensure that internal transfers of skills lead to the award of diplomas and/or certifications.

The individual at the heart of training

We are in an era where the valuation of the employee as an individual is considered essential to the development of the company to which he belongs. This is quite logical insofar as an employee who perceives the consideration given to him or her is more motivated and therefore more productive. In this sense, vocational training is no longer offered in a comprehensive way. Employees are directed to training courses in accordance with their profiles and the tasks they are assigned. The HR department is therefore responsible for analysing the needs of each individual in order to guarantee the relevance of the training catalogue made available to teams.

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